About Us

First Asset

First Asset is an independent Canadian investment management company focused on delivering superior risk-adjusted investment returns to Canadian investors and their investment advisors. Founded in 1996, First Asset is a leading manager of ETFs, mutual funds, and closed end funds in Canada.

Exchange Traded Funds

First Asset Exchange Traded Funds offers leading edge investment strategies that strive for superior risk adjusted returns on a low cost basis. We believe that exchange traded funds are an essential tool in the construction of modern portfolios along with individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds and closed-end funds.

Following rigorous testing and continuous analysis of the global exchange traded fund landscape, new ETFs are launched in order to provide investors with access to proven strategies and asset classes that are under-represented in the Canadian marketplace.

Mutual Funds

First Asset is committed to a single goal: make portfolios better for Canadian retail investors. Since 2004 First Asset | Mutual Funds has offered innovative investment solutions to help investment advisors create a better overall portfolio mix for their clients. First Asset has a proud record of being ahead of the pack with its portfolio thinking.

Closed-end Investment Funds

First Asset offers a wide variety of solutions designed to fit any investor’s portfolio needs in diverse market conditions. In addition to its families of internally managed investment funds, First Asset provides Canadian investors with access to some of the world’s most recognized and respected investment managers.

Our President

Barry H. Gordon

Director, President and Chief Executive Officer.