First Asset Actively Managed ETFs

Solutions that combine the power of active management with the benefits of ETFs.

For the best results, combine your investing strengths with our specialized active managers. A range of areas requiring unique expertise are actively managed by some of the industry's leading managers.
Active Management by: Ticker ETF Name Focus Inception Date
Marret SolutionsFIG First Asset Investment Grade Bond ETF Corporate Oct 23, 2009
Cambridge SolutionsFCY.B First Asset Cambridge Core U.S. Equity ETF (Unhedged) Multi-Sector Sep 20, 2016
FCY First Asset Cambridge Core U.S. Equity ETF (CAD Hedged) Multi-Sector Sep 20, 2016
Signature SolutionsFSF First Asset Global Financial Sector ETF Banks/Financial Nov 21, 2014
FHB First Asset European Bank ETF Banks/Financial Jul 23, 2014
FPR First Asset Preferred Share ETF Preferred Share May 11, 2016
FLB First Asset Long Duration Fixed Income ETF Government May 11, 2016
Onex SolutionsFAO First Asset Active Credit ETF Corporate Jan 16, 2015
FAO.U First Asset Active Credit ETF (U.S. Dollars) Corporate Jan 16, 2015
First_asset SolutionsFLI First Asset U.S. & Canada Lifeco Income ETF Banks/Financial Aug 22, 2013
RIT First Asset Canadian REIT ETF Real Estate Nov 15, 2004
FAI First Asset Active Utility & Infrastructure ETF Utility / Infrastructure Feb 17, 2005
FDV First Asset Active Canadian Dividend ETF Multi-Sector / Dividend Sep 3, 2014