"How can I complement my strengths
with specialized managers?"
For the best results, combine your investing strengths with our specialized active managers. A range of areas requiring unique expertise are actively managed by some of the industry′s leading managers.
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Specialized active managers in a variety of markets including REITs, High Yield Bonds and Global Financials.

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Leveraging powerful sector insights from First Asset, Signature Global Asset Management and Onex.

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Low cost access to experienced and specialized active managers.

First Asset combines the power of Active Management with the Benefits of ETFs

Choosing actively managed ETFs means entrusting your money to a professional manager who makes informed decisions based on experience, judgement and prevailing market trends. Within an ETF′s guidelines, active managers can try to position a fund to provide downside protection or to take advantage of perceived opportunities, and are not following a passive investment strategy. Investors gain exposure to a portfolio that is overseen by a team of investment professionals, constantly analyzing and selecting the best opportunities within a given area of the market.


FDV First Asset Active Canadian Dividend ETF
FAO First Asset Active Credit ETF
FAO.U First Asset Active Credit ETF (U.S. Dollars)
FAI First Asset Active Utility & Infrastructure ETF
FCY First Asset Cambridge Core U.S. Equity ETF (CAD Hedged)
FCY.B First Asset Cambridge Core U.S. Equity ETF (Unhedged)
FCW First Asset Cambridge Global Dividend ETF (CAD Hedged)
FCW.B First Asset Cambridge Global Dividend ETF (Unhedged)
RIT First Asset Canadian REIT ETF
FSB First Asset Enhanced Short Duration Bond ETF
FSB.U First Asset Enhanced Short Duration Bond ETF (U.S. Dollars)
FHB First Asset European Bank ETF
FSF First Asset Global Financial Sector ETF
FIG First Asset Investment Grade Bond ETF
FLB First Asset Long Duration Fixed Income ETF
FPR First Asset Preferred Share ETF
Actively Managed Solutions:
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First Asset offers ETFs managed by some of the industry′s leading portfolio managers, bringing together decades of combined experience. It is our goal that advisors and their investors are provided with access to top tier portfolio management.

Fund Managers

First Asset Investment Management Inc
Onex Credit Partners LLC
Cambridge Global Asset Management
Marret Asset Management Inc
Signature Global Asset Management
Advisors: Contact a member of our Sales Team at 416.642.1289 / 1.877.642.1289 , or send us an email at info@firstasset.com
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