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CI deepens partnership with MIT's Joseph Coughlin

Introducing the CI Global Longevity Economy Fund

Over the past two decades, Joseph F. Coughlin has been busting myths about aging with groundbreaking research into what older people actually want - not what conventional wisdom suggests they need. And since there will be more than 1 billion individuals 65+ by 2030 (and 1.6 billion by 2050)1, his research has become more important than ever.

CI Global Longevity Economy Fund will incorporate insights from Dr. Coughlin's book, "The Longevity Economy" to help identify the companies with the potential to serve the new and changing needs of this growing group of wealthy consumers.

The Fund will:

  • be managed by Jeff Elliott, Ph.D.
  • seek to identify the companies with the potential to serve the new and changing needs of this growing group of wealthy consumers
  • focus on 40-60 reasonably valued firms with the potential to outperform the market over the next 5-10 years

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1 Source: Coughlin, J.F. (2017). The Longevity Economy : Unlocking the World's Fastest-Growing, Most Misunderstood Market. Public Affairs

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Joseph CoughlinJoseph Coughlin, PH. D.
Director - MIT AgeLab

Joseph F. Coughlin is the Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab. His research provides insights on how demographic change, technology, social trends and consumer behaviour will converge to drive future innovations in business and government. He is a teacher, a best-selling author, a frequent contributor to numerous leading publications, a sought-after public speaker and news guest, and a consultant to many leading corporations and governments around the world.

Jeff ElliottJeff Elliott, PH. D.
Vice-President, Portfolio Management and Portfolio Manager

Jeff Elliott, Vice-President, Portfolio Management and Portfolio Manager specializes in the global health care sector and joined the investment industry in 2003. Prior to joining Signature in 2013, Dr. Elliott analyzed global pharmaceutical equities at Sectoral Asset Management and was a senior equity research analyst at UBS Securities in New York and Toronto. Dr. Elliott holds a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry from Queen's University, a PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry from Simon Fraser University, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario, and the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

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