The Real Opportunity In Real Assets
Real Assets Help Solve the Income Challenge

In a world of structurally low interest rates, earning sufficient income from traditional investment sources such as government bonds has become ever more difficult. For many investors, including large institutions and pension plans1, the solution has been found in real assets.

What are Real Assets?

There are many types of real asset investments that have the ability to generate income. At CI Investments, we focus on real assets that are backed by tangible, cash-flow generating assets with long-duration contracts, visible cash flows and strong business models with high barriers to entry. Here are a few examples :

  • Infrastructure : toll roads, railways, airports, ports, pipelines, cell towers, data centers
  • Real estate : REITs and property companies that invest in office towers, apartment buildings, industrial and warehouse space
  • Utilities : traditional and alternative energy companies, gas delivery, water filtration plants.


What are the key potential benefits?

Enhanced portfolio income
Real assets have several features that help them to generate higher yields than more traditional asset classes through fees such as lease, rental, or royalty payments. Many benefit from strong demand, a position of importance in the global economy and long-term contracted revenue streams that are linked to inflation. For investors, they offer safe, predictable income and portfolio protection against unexpected increases in inflation.

Improved total returns
Many real assets investments are scarce or act in the marketplace as near-monopolies (think toll roads and airports), so the direct link to physical assets tends to support the value of the underlying assets throughout the economic cycle. At the same time, they also offer the potential for capital gains as the value of their underlying assets, such as real estate, increases. This augments their steady income streams, adding additional value for investors.

Diversification benefits
Given their defensive characteristics, real assets tend to behave differently than traditional equity and bond investments, particularly during market downturns. Real assets have not been highly correlated to other asset classes, indicating that real assets can provide diversification and stability to a portfolio.


Enhanced portfolio Income relative to traditional assets: Real Estate 4.14%, Infrastructure 4.14%, Canadian Equities 3.28%, Global Equities 2.14%, U.S. Equities 1.79%, Canadian Bonds 1.20%, U.S. Investment Grade Bonds 1.07%

Source: Bloomberg, as of July 31, 2020.
U.S. Equities = S&P 500 TR estimated dividend yield; Canadian Bonds = FTSE Canada Universe Bond Index yield to maturity; Global Equities = MSCI World TR estimated dividend yield; U.S. Investment Grade Bonds = Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate USD Hedged Index yield to maturity; Canadian Equities = S&P/TSX Composite TR estimated dividend yield; Real Estate = FTSE EPRA NAREIT Developed TR estimated dividend yield; Infrastructure = S&P Global Infrastructure TR estimated dividend yield.

1Large institutional investors have allocated an increasing percentage of their portfolios to real assets to fund their long-term pension obligations. For example, The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board annual report shows that nearly 24% of the fund's investments were in real estate, infrastructure and other real assets as at March 31, 2020.

Experienced Management Counts

CI Investments offers several options to access the attractive non-traditional source of income available through real assets. The team at Signature Global Asset Management has developed deep expertise investing in these areas on a global basis and manages over $7.5 billion2 in real assets across a variety of mandates to help investors access the opportunity.

Fund Codes
MandateClass A (ISC)Class FTicker Symbol
CI First Asset Canadian REIT ETFRIT
CI Global REIT Private Pool*CIG2349CIG4349CGRE
CI Global Infrastructure Private Pool*CIG2344CIG4344CINF
CI Global Real Asset Private Pool*CIG2348CIG4348CGRA
First Asset REIT Income Fund CIG95803CIG95805
Signature Global REIT Fund CIG50205CIG54205
Signature Global Infrastructure Fund CIG50230CIG54230
Signature High Income Fund CIG686CIG447
Signature Diversified Yield Fund CIG11111CIG11011

*Minimum investment was recently reduced to $25,000 per Private Pool

2 Source: Signature Global Asset Management as at June 30, 2020.


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Eric Bushell
Eric Bushell, CFA
Senior Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer

Eric Bushell, Senior Vice-President, Portfolio Management and Chief Investment Officer, began his career as an equity analyst and trader at BPI Mutual Funds in 1993 before becoming a portfolio manager at the firm. He joined CI Investment Inc.'s ("CI") Signature team in 1999 when BPI became part of CI Investments. He became Chief Investment Officer of Signature in 2002.

Lee Goldman
Lee Goldman, CFA
Senior Portfolio Manager

Lee Goldman is a portfolio manager with a successful long-term track record of managing real estate assets. He joined Signature Global Asset Management in 2018 following 12 years as a lead manager at First Asset. Lee holds a Bachelor of Science (Statistics) degree from the University of Western Ontario and a Master of Business Administration (Finance) degree from York University. He also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Kate MacDonald
Kate MacDonald, CFA
Vice-President, Portfolio Management and Portfolio Manager

Kate MacDonald joined Signature Global Asset Management in 2018 as a portfolio manager responsible for a number of dedicated real estate funds, as well as real estate allocations across various strategies. Prior to joining Signature, Kate co-managed the real estate portfolios at First Asset for five years. Kate holds a Masters in Finance from Queen's University, the Chartered Investment Manager designation, and the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Kevin McSweeney
Kevin McSweeney, CFA
Vice-President, Portfolio Management and Portfolio Manager

Kevin McSweeney has 12 years of financial services and investment management experience and is a member of the team responsible for infrastructure and REITs. He moved to this team from the high-yield, convertible bond and leveraged loan assets team in 2016. Prior to joining Signature, Mr. McSweeney worked for six years with Scotiabank, most recently in corporate credit risk management. Prior to that, Mr. McSweeney worked with Finance Canada as a financial economist in the international trade and financial markets divisions. Mr. McSweeney holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from St. Mary's University a Master of Business Administration from Dalhousie University, and the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Massimo Bonansinga
Massimo Bonansinga,
Vice-President, Portfolio Management and Portfolio Manager

Massimo Bonansinga has 21 years of financial, managerial and consulting experience. He focuses on industrials. Prior to joining Signature in 2005, he spent five years in investment banking in London with Bankers Trust and Morgan Stanley and five years in the automotive industry in Europe with Ford Motor Co. and Fiat Group, holding positions in finance. He has a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School and a bachelor's degree in economics and accounting from Università Bocconi in Milan.

Geof Marshall
Geof Marshall, CFA
Senior Vice-President, Portfolio Management and Head of Credit

Geof Marshall, Senior Vice-President, Portfolio Management and Portfolio Manager, heads the corporate bond team and manages the high yield bond assets at Signature Global Asset Management. Mr. Marshall has extensive experience analyzing, managing and trading corporate bonds, leveraged loans and private credit. He is the lead manager of Signature High Yield Bond Fund and co-manages several Signature funds, including Signature High Income Fund, Signature Global Income & Growth Fund and Signature Corporate Bond Fund. He joined CI Investments Inc. in 2006 from Manulife Financial, where he was a portfolio manager. Mr. Marshall holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario and the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He is a member of the Finance and Investment Committee at the Royal Ontario Museum.