"Our competitive advantage is shaped through our disciplined approach to investing."

CI First Asset's top down, bottom up analysis, combined with extensive screening, research and rigorous ongoing due diligence forms the process for security selection and investment decisions. The portfolio management team is highly familiar with ETF management as it is one of the first Canadian firms to offer actively managed ETFs.

CI First Asset Investment Management

CI First Asset Investment Management oversees a wide variety of ETFs. Solutions under their purview include those based on fundamental, active security selection within both equities and fixed income, smart beta/quantitative mandates and covered call strategies. The team is also a key point of contact between CI First Asset Exchange Traded Funds, a division of CI Investments Inc., and the market-making community, functioning as a vital resource that provides solutions and counsel for investment advisors and facilitates effective client ETF transactions.

Investment Process

CI First Asset's well defined investment process provides the potential for increased consistency and replicability of performance results by ensuring that portfolio buy and sell decisions are made objectively, rather than by emotional or subjective triggers.

CI First Asset's investment process involves:

Idea Generation

Idea Generation
Top down, bottom up analysis and proprietary research, involving ongoing dialogue with investment community and industry contacts.

Company Analysis

Company Analysis
Rigorous analysis is conducted by the Portfolio Management team responsible for each fund whereby companies are uniquely identified based on a Fund's specific investment objectives.

Security Selection

Security Selection
25-50 securities are selected based on an attractive risk/return profile and specific catalysts.


Ongoing due-diligence and investment decisions based on a change in fundamentals, thesis, or valuation.

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