"We are active managers who are not afraid to be active."

Marret’s investment process is heavily weighted toward avoiding market downturns. This is because the market always provides an attractive absolute yield. The key to out-performance is not in catching rallies, but rather in avoiding defaults and retaining as much of the beginning yield as possible.

Portfolio Management Team

Barry Allan

Barry Allan, MBA, President & Chief Investment Officer
Barry Allan is the founding partner of Marret Asset Management Inc. He has over 30 years of investment experience and has successfully operated in virtually all areas of the fixed income arena. Prior to founding Marret, Barry spent 6 years with Altamira Management where he managed a wide variety of fixed income mandates and held secondary responsibilities on several equity and balanced mandates. He was also responsible for internal risk management and oversaw the hedging activities for the company's Balance Sheet.

Paul Sandhu

Paul Sandhu, Vice-President & Portfolio Manager
Mr. Sandhu has 29 years of domestic and international fixed-income experience. Prior to joining Marret, he was responsible for the global distribution of Canadian fixed-income and money market products at BMO Capital Markets and was directly responsible for advising the world’s largest fixed-income asset managers on portfolio strategy, asset mix, security selection, and alpha/beta generation.

Adam Tuer

Adam Tuer, Portfolio Manager
Mr. Tuer joined Marret on a consulting basis in January 2013 and was responsible for research on Central Bank activity and studying the impact of monetary policy on global markets. In April 2013, he joined Marret on a full-time basis as an investment grade and interest rates research analyst. Prior to joining Marret, Mr. Tuer developed derivative hedging strategies for a large Canadian bank.

Investment Process

Using a blend of top down and bottom up strategies, Marret's investment process begins with a macro forecast and selection of industry overweights and underweights, then moves into company and individual security selection.

Marret's investment process involves:

Macro Forecast

Macro Forecast
Assess the broad macro-economic environment to identify positive and negative trends globally that could impact bond returns.

Sector Analysis

Sector Analysis
Determine which sectors/industries to over or underweight based on prevailing economic/market trends.

Security Selection

Security Selection
Review company fundamentals to assess their ability to generate cash and meet interest and principal obligations. Identify securities that are mispriced relative to Marret's analysis of potential return and underlying risk.

Stringent Trading Rules

Stringent Trading Rules
Numerous trading rules are followed to ensure the process is heavily weighted towards avoiding market downturns and not 'reaching' for yield.

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