"We strive to produce strong risk-adjusted returns while focusing on capital preservation."

Onex Credit Partners is supported by a highly experienced investment team of credit analysts with an average of 20 years of experience. In addition to a long established track record and a disciplined, value oriented, approach to investing, Onex Corp., its affiliates and their principals and employees have invested significant assets in the strategies managed by Onex Credit Partners.

Portfolio Manager

Michael Gelbalt

Michael Gelblat, CEO, CIO and Director
Michael has 31 years of experience. Michael leads an investment team of 21 with an average of 20 years of investment experience. Before co-founding Onex Credit Partners, Michael accumulated over a decade of experience as a portfolio manager and securities analyst for the event-driven and distressed debt alternative strategies of John A. Levin Co., Inc., as a principal of Redwood Capital Management and as a director of SG Cowen, where he managed a proprietary trading group focused on distressed securities.

Investment Process

Onex Credit Partners' investment process provides the potential for increased consistency and replicability of performance results by ensuring that portfolio buy and sell decisions are made objectively, rather than by emotional or subjective triggers.

Onex Credit Partners' investment process involves:

Idea Generation

Idea Generation
Internal proprietary research focused on value and opportunity.

Credit Analysis & Evaluation

Credit Analysis & Evaluation
Rigorous credit analysis focused on: Enterprise value, Cash flow, Asset valuation, Risk assessment, Management & Competitive position.

Portfolio Construction & Risk Management

Portfolio Construction & Risk Management
Size position appropriately within position and sector limits, allocating investments based on suitability and cash availability.

Portfolio Management & Monitoring

Portfolio Management & Monitoring
Monitor management, financials, news and industry dynamics on an ongoing basis, growing or reducing position sizes relative to price and limits.

First Asset ETFs Actively Managed by
Onex Credit Partners, LLC

Ticker ETFs
FAO CI First Asset Active Credit ETF
FAO.U CI First Asset Active Credit ETF (U.S. Dollars)

Detailed Information

FAO Monthly Profile
FAO.U Monthly Profile

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