"Markets are interconnected. A successful investment approach should be as well."

Signature Global Asset Management believes in an investment approach that encompasses rates, credit, equity, property and foreign exchange, all within a coordinated global view.

Lead Portfolio Managers

Eric Bushell

Eric Bushell, CFA - SVP, Portfolio Management and CIO
Eric began his career as an equity analyst and trader at BPI Mutual Funds in 1993, before becoming a portfolio manager at the firm. He joined CI’s Signature team in 1999 when BPI became part of CI Investments. He was named Chief Investment Officer of Signature in 2002.

John Shaw

John Shaw, CFA - VP, Portfolio Management and Portfolio Manager
John started in the investment industry in 1990. He has experience in international credit analysis, trading and portfolio management. Mr. Shaw’s responsibilities are focused on corporate bonds and preferred shares.

John Hadwen

John Hadwen, CFA - VP, Portfolio Management and Portfolio Manager
John joined the investment management industry in 1993 and is responsible for stock selection in the financial services sector.

Goshen Benzaquen

Goshen Benzaquen, MBA - VP, Portfolio Management and Associate Portfolio Manager
Goshen joined Signature in 2011 after spending four years as an analyst following financial institutions in emerging markets. He is part of the financial services team covering financial institutions globally.

Lee Goldman

Lee Goldman, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager
Lee Goldman is an award-winning portfolio manager with a successful long-term track record of managing real estate assets. He joined Signature Global Asset Management in 2018 following 12 years as a lead manager at CI First Asset Investment Management.

Kate MacDonald

Kate MacDonald, CFA, Portfolio Manager
Kate MacDonald joined Signature Global Asset Management in 2018 as a portfolio manager responsible for a number of dedicated real estate funds, as well as real estate allocations across various strategies.

Investment Philosophy

The Signature investment philosophy is designed to deliver the best possible risk-adjusted returns in today’s complex environment and is based on these key elements:

Specialized Knowledge

Specialized Knowledge
The globalization of the world economy has resulted in increased complexity, requiring specialized knowledge. Signature has dedicated global equity sector specialists and fixed-income asset class specialists, supported by global strategists.

Interconnectivity & Collaboration

Interconnectivity & Collaboration
Signature has recognized that the various segments of the global financial markets are increasingly interconnected, and it’s essential for portfolio managers to understand these connections and their implications for the economy, industries and companies.

CI First Asset ETFs Actively Managed by
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RIT CI First Asset Canadian REIT ETF
FHB CI First Asset European Bank ETF
FSF CI First Asset Global Financial Sector ETF
FLB CI First Asset Long Duration Fixed Income ETF
FPR CI First Asset Preferred Share ETF

Detailed Information

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