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Criterion Diversified Commodities Currency Hedged Fund completes enhancements to investment strategy

Toronto, February 1, 2008 – Criterion Investments Limited (“Criterion”) announced today that enhancements to the investment strategy of Criterion Diversified Commodities Currency Hedged Fund (the “Trust”) have been completed successfully. The following changes, which were approved by the unitholders of the Trust on January 7, 2008, have now been implemented:

Enhancement to the Index: The Fund has replaced its investment in notes linked to the Dow Jones-AIG Commodity Index Total ReturnSM with notes linked to the AIG Basis Select IndexSM. The Basis Select Index (“BSI”) has been developed recently by AIG Financial Products and is used by some of its institutional clients. Criterion believes that the BSI is a superior approach for investors seeking broad commodities exposure. Aside from the change in index, the Fund continues to have the same investment objectives, the same investment structure and the same fee load.

Enhancement to Future Investment Strategy: The Fund’s Declaration of Trust has been amended to provide the Manager with greater flexibility to make changes to the investment strategy of the Fund. Most mutual fund managers have the ability to make changes to investment strategy without unitholder approval as long as they do not change the Fund’s fundamental investment objectives.

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