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“What’s your entry point?” asks Criterion Investments

TORONTO, June 11, 2008 – Whether it’s “the property you should have bought” or “the one that got away”, we all have a story about leaving it too late. Based on those missed opportunities, Criterion has launched a new campaign showing Canadians why now is the entry point for investing in the long-term growth themes of water infrastructure and clean energy.

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Financial experts estimate that Canadians currently sitting on cash are at risk of missing out on billions of dollars of potential gains, which could be made by investing in equity markets instead. Ian McPherson, President of Criterion Investments, explained that the water and clean energy themes currently represent a prime opportunity to venture into global equities.

“Compared to a few months ago, valuations for many companies exposed to these themes are more attractive than ever,” said Mr. McPherson. “The water and clean energy themes are being driven by a commitment to spend serious money to fix substantial global problems. Because of the amount of capital flowing into these areas, we expect these businesses to see continued profits and steady growth for years to come.

“Not only is global awareness rapidly building about the mounting need for cleaner energies and improved water infrastructure, but growth estimates for investment in these areas are also accelerating.”

Why invest in clean energy now?

  • Worldwide spend on clean energy rose 60% last year and is set to double by 2009, regardless of economic cycles (Source: New Energy Finance)
  • We believe the increased spend will generate higher valuations and superior risk-adjusted returns for years to come – those who sit on the sidelines will miss out.

Why invest in water infrastructure now?

  • Led by emerging economies, global capital expenditure within the water market is expected to reach $530 billion by 2016 - a 50% increase over 2007 (Source: Global Water Intelligence)
  • Despite the fact that global water problems are front page news, most investors haven’t yet made the link to investment potential. We believe that valuations of water businesses will rise as more money flows into the theme.
  • Criterion launched Canada’s first actively-managed water infrastructure fund and Canada’s first global clean energy fund in 2007.
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