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Confirmed 2015 Annual Special Distributions for First Asset ETFs

TORONTO, December 30, 2015 - First Asset Investment Management Inc. ("First Asset") announces the confirmed amounts of the annual special year-end distributions (the "Special Distributions") for the 2015 tax year for its First Asset exchange traded funds ("First Asset ETFs"), as set out in the table below.

Each of the First Asset ETFs is required to distribute any net income and capital gains that it has earned in the year. The Special Distributions will generally consist of capital gains and/or any excess net income at year end. The Special Distributions will not be paid in cash, but will be reinvested and the resulting units immediately consolidated so that the number of units held by each investor will not change. Investors holding their units outside registered plans will have taxable amounts to report and an increase in the adjusted cost base of their investment. In all cases, the Special Distributions will be paid to unitholders of record on December 30, 2015. The ex-dividend date in each case is December 24, 2015.

Fund Name TSX Trading Symbol Estimated Special Distributions per Fund Unit as at November 30, 2015
First Asset Morningstar National Bank Quebec Index ETF QXM $0.9447
QXM.A $0.9629
First Asset Morningstar Canada Momentum Index ETF WXM $0.0958
WXM.A $0.1304
First Asset Morningstar US Value Index ETF XXM $0.2928
XXM.A $0.2898
XXM.B $0.2413
XXM.D $0.4093
First Asset Morningstar US Dividend Target 50 Index ETF UXM $0.0264
UXM.A $0.0090
UXM.B $0.0000
UXM.D $0.0000
First Asset MSCI World Low Risk Weighted ETF RWW $0.0531
RWW.A $0.0500
RWW.B $0.1100
RWW.D $0.1100
First Asset Canadian REIT ETF RIT $0.5529
RIT.A $0.1900
First Asset Can-Energy Covered Call ETF OXF $0.0000
OXF.A $0.0000
First Asset Can-Materials Covered Call ETF MXF $0.0000
MXF.A $0.0000
First Asset Canadian Convertible Bond ETF CXF $0.0000
CXF.A $0.0000
First Asset Tech Giants Covered Call ETF TXF $0.0000
TXF.A $0.0000
First Asset Energy Giants Covered Call ETF NXF $0.0000
NXF.A $0.0000
NXF.B $0.0000
NXF.D $0.0000
First Asset Morningstar Canada Dividend Target 30 Index ETF DXM $0.0000
DXM.A $0.0000
First Asset Morningstar Canada Value Index ETF FXM $0.0000
FXM.A $0.0000
First Asset Morningstar US Momentum Index ETF YXM $0.0000
YXM.A $0.0000
YXM.B $0.0000
YXM.D $0.0000
First Asset Morningstar International Value Index ETF VXM $0.0000
VXM.A $0.0000
VXM.B $0.0000
VXM.D $0.0000
First Asset Morningstar International Momentum Index ETF ZXM $0.0000
ZXM.A $0.0000
ZXM.B $0.0000
ZXM.D $0.0000
First Asset Provincial Bond Index ETF PXF $0.0000
PXF.A $0.0000
First Asset 1-5 Year Laddered Government Strip Bond Index ETF BXF $0.0000
BXF.A $0.0000
First Asset MSCI Canada Low Risk Weighted ETF RWC $0.0000
RWC.A $0.0000
First Asset MSCI USA Low Risk Weighted ETF RWU $0.0000
RWU.A $0.0000
RWU.B $0.0000
RWU.D $0.0000
First Asset MSCI Europe Low Risk Weighted ETF RWE $0.0000
RWE.A $0.0000
RWE.B $0.0000
RWE.D $0.0000
First Asset Hamilton Capital European Bank ETF FHB $0.0000
FHB.A $0.0000
First Asset Active Canadian Dividend ETF FDV $0.0000
FDV.A $0.0000
First Asset U.S. & Canada Lifeco Income ETF FLI $0.0000
FLI.A $0.0000
First Asset Active Utility & Infrastructure ETF FAI $0.0000
FAI.A $0.0000
First Asset Active Credit ETF FAO $0.0000
FAO.A $0.0000
FAO.U $0.0000
FAO.V $0.0000
First Asset Core Canadian Equity ETF CED $0.0000
CED.A $0.0000
First Asset Core U.S. Equity ETF CES $0.0000
CES.A $0.0000
CES.B $0.0000
CES.D $0.0000
CES.U $0.0000
CES.V $0.0000
First Asset Core Balanced ETF CBB $0.0000
CBB.A $0.0000
First Asset CanBanc Income ETF CIC $0.0000
CIC.A $0.0000
First Asset Core Canadian Equity Income ETF CSY $0.0000
CSY.A $0.0000

These confirmed amounts are for the Special Distributions only and do not include the ongoing regular monthly or quarterly cash distribution amounts which were announced on December 17, 2015, in a separate press release. These confirmed Special Distribution amounts replace the previous estimates announced on December 8, 2015.

The actual taxable amounts of all distributions (cash and reinvested) for 2015, including the tax characteristics of the distributions, will be reported to brokers (through CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc. or "CDS") in early 2016.

For further information, please contact Investor Relations, First Asset at 416-642-1289 or 1-877-642-1289 or visit

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