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First Asset ETFs September Distributions

TORONTO, September 20, 2016 - First Asset Exchange Traded Funds announces the following regular cash distributions for the month and quarter ending September 30, 2016. In all cases, the distribution will be paid on or before October 5, 2016, to unitholders of record on September 29, 2016. The ex-dividend date in each case is September 27, 2016.

  Trading Symbol Distribution Amount (per unit)
First Asset Can-Energy Covered Call ETF OXF $0.2327
OXF.A $0.2113
First Asset Can-Materials Covered Call ETF MXF $0.4745
MXF.A $0.4379
First Asset Energy Giants Covered Call ETF NXF $0.1485
NXF.A $0.1321
NXF.B $0.1517
NXF.D $0.1338
First Asset Tech Giants Covered Call ETF TXF $0.1917
TXF.A $0.1669
First Asset Canadian Convertible Bond ETF CXF $0.0400
CXF.A $0.0335
First Asset Provincial Bond Index ETF PXF $0.0280
PXF.A $0.0231
First Asset 1-5 Year Laddered Government Strip Bond Index ETF BXF $0.0300
BXF.A $0.0152
First Asset Morningstar Canada Dividend Target 30 Index ETF DXM $0.0928
DXM.A $0.0734
First Asset Morningstar Canada Momentum Index ETF WXM $0.0667
WXM.A $0.0356
First Asset Morningstar Canada Value Index ETF FXM $0.0738
FXM.A $0.0473
First Asset Morningstar International Value Index ETF VXM $0.0969
VXM.A $0.0561
VXM.B $0.1108
VXM.D $0.0643
First Asset Morningstar International Momentum Index ETF ZXM $0.0640
ZXM.A $0.0158
ZXM.B $0.0716
ZXM.D $0.0176
First Asset Morningstar National Bank Quebec Index ETF QXM $0.0700
QXM.A $0.0319
First Asset Morningstar US Dividend Target 50 Index ETF UXM $0.0939
UXM.A $0.0671
UXM.B $0.1046
UXM.D $0.0749
First Asset Morningstar US Value Index ETF XXM $0.0181
XXM.A $0.0000
XXM.B $0.0235
XXM.D $0.0000
First Asset MSCI Canada Low Risk Weighted ETF RWC $0.0649
RWC.A $0.0416
First Asset MSCI Europe Low Risk Weighted ETF RWE $0.1230
RWE.A $0.0721
RWE.B $0.1262
RWE.D $0.0741
First Asset MSCI USA Low Risk Weighted ETF RWU $0.0429
RWU.A $0.0154
RWU.B $0.0519
RWU.D $0.0186
First Asset MSCI World Low Risk Weighted ETF RWW $0.1155
RWW.A $0.0618
RWW.B $0.1272
RWW.D $0.0683
First Asset U.S. & Canada Lifeco Income ETF FLI $0.1657
FLI.A $0.1430
First Asset Active Canadian Dividend ETF FDV $0.0312
FDV.A $0.0249
First Asset Active Credit ETF FAO $0.0400
FAO.A $0.0360
FAO.U $0.0400 (USD$)
FAO.V $0.0360 (USD$)
First Asset Active Utility & Infrastructure ETF FAI $0.0338
FAI.A $0.0267
First Asset Core Balanced ETF CBB $0.0467
CBB.A $0.0333
First Asset Core Canadian Equity ETF CED $0.1168
CED.A $0.0756
First Asset Core U.S. Equity ETF CES $0.0582
CES.A $0.0154
CES.B $0.0645
CES.D $0.0171
CES.U $0.0585 (USD$)
CES.V $0.0155 (USD$)
First Asset Hamilton Capital European Bank ETF FHB $0.0414
FHB.A $0.0269
First Asset Canadian REIT ETF RIT $0.0675
RIT.A $0.0588
First Asset CanBanc Income Class ETF CIC $0.1750
First Asset Core Canadian Equity Income Class ETF CSY $0.2486
First Asset Short Term Government Bond Index Class ETF FGB $0.0362
First Asset MSCI Canada Quality Index Class ETF FQC $0.0830
First Asset Global Momentum Class ETF FGL $0.0167
First Asset Global Momentum (CAD Hedged) Class ETF FGM $0.0167
First Asset Global Value Class ETF FGU $0.0555
First Asset Global Value (CAD Hedged) Class ETF FGV $0.0558
First Asset Global Financial Sector ETF FSF $0.0531
First Asset Preferred Share ETF FPR $0.0768
First Asset Long Duration Fixed Income ETF FLB $0.0413
First Asset Investment Grade Bond ETF FIG $0.0400

Supporting Investors' Needs
Stay in the market, minimize costs, and take advantage of a smart, simple and efficient feature designed to support investors' needs. First Asset Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) will automatically reinvest First Asset ETF cash distributions into the First Asset ETF making the distribution. Contact your advisor for more information. All of the distributions indicated in the table above will be paid in cash unless the unitholder has enrolled in the applicable DRIP of the respective ETF. A copy of the Distribution Reinvestment Plan is available at

For further information, please contact Investor Relations, First Asset at 416-642-1289 or 1?877?642?1289 or visit

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