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CI Global Asset Management Announces August 2021 Distributions for CI ETFs


TORONTO (August 16, 2021) - CI Global Asset Management ("CI GAM") announces the following regular cash distributions for the month ending August 31, 2021 in respect of CI ETFs. In all cases, the distribution will be paid on or before August 31, 2021 to unitholders of record on August 25, 2021. The ex-dividend date for all ETFs is August 24, 2021, with the exception of CI High Interest Savings ETF, which has an ex-dividend date of August 25, 2021.

Trading SymbolDistribution Amount
(per unit)
CI Canadian Convertible Bond ETFCXF$0.0400
CI Active Utility & Infrastructure ETFFAI$0.0444
CI Active Credit ETFFAO$0.0450
FAO.U$0.0450 (US$)
CI Active Canadian Dividend ETFFDV$0.0312
CI Short Term Government Bond Index Class ETFFGB$0.0261
CI Investment Grade Bond ETFFIG$0.0320
FIG.U$0.0248 (US$)
CI Preferred Share ETFFPR$0.0768
CI Enhanced Short Duration Bond Fund (ETF Series)FSB$0.0150
FSB.U$0.0150 (US$)
CI Canadian REIT ETFRIT$0.0675
CI Global Asset Allocation Private Pool (ETF Series)CGAA$0.0186
CI High Interest Savings ETFCSAV$0.0222
CI Alternative Investment Grade Credit Fund (ETF Series)CRED$0.0500
CRED.U$0.0500 (US$)
CI Marret Alternative Absolute Return Bond Fund (ETF Series)CMAR$0.0500
CMAR.U$0.0500 (US$)
CI Marret Alternative Enhanced Yield Fund (ETF Series) CMEY$0.0510
CMEY.U$0.0510 (US$)
CI Global REIT Private Pool (ETF Series)CGRE$0.0860
CI Global Infrastructure Private Pool (ETF Series)CINF$0.0690
CI Global Real Asset Private Pool (ETF Series)CGRA$0.0770
CI DoubleLine Core Plus Fixed Income US$ Fund (ETF Series)CCOR$0.0315
CCOR.U$0.0315 (US$)
CI DoubleLine Income US$ Fund (ETF Series)CINC$0.0989
CINC.U$0.0992 (US$)
CI DoubleLine Total Return Bond US$ Fund (ETF Series)CDLB$0.0402
CDLB.U$0.0403 (US$)
CI Yield Enhanced Canada Aggregate Bond Index ETFCAGG$0.0977
CI Yield Enhanced Canada Short-Term Aggregate Bond Index ETFCAGS$0.0740
CI ONE North American Core Plus Bond ETFONEB$0.0830

Supporting investors' needs
Stay in the market, minimize costs, and take advantage of a smart, simple and efficient feature designed to support investors' needs. The CI Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) will automatically reinvest cash distributions into the CI ETF making the distribution. All of the distributions indicated in the table above will be paid in cash unless the unitholder has enrolled in the applicable DRIP of the respective ETF. A copy of the Distribution Reinvestment Plan is available at

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