CI First Asset Energy Giants Covered Call ETF (CAD Hedged)

Fund Overview

The Fund's investment objective is to provide holders, through an actively managed portfolio, with (i) quarterly cash distributions, (ii) the opportunity for capital appreciation by investing on an equal weight basis in a portfolio of equity securities of the 15 largest non-Canadian issuers classified within either the "Integrated Oil & Gas" or "Oil & Gas Exploration & Production" Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) sub-industry groups, or otherwise determined by the Manager to derive their revenue primarily from the exploration for and production of oil and natural gas measured by US$ market capitalization with common stock or ADRs listed on a Canadian or U.S. stock exchange, and (iii) lower overall volatility of returns on the portfolio than would be experienced by owning a portfolio of securities of such issuers directly. The portfolio is rebalanced quarterly in order to maintain an approximately equal weighting, and each month the Manager employs a covered call option writing program on approximately, and not more than, 25% of the securities of each portfolio issuer. Options may be written on each individual portfolio issuer, or on a basket basis, encompassing more than one portfolio security, in the discretion of the Manager in order to seek to earn attractive, tax effective income from dividends and call option premiums, lower the overall volatility of returns associated with owning a portfolio of these securities, and to generate capital appreciation. It is intended that at all times at least 90% of the value of the foreign currency exposure attributable to the Units will be hedged back to the Canadian dollar

Investor suitability
For those who:

  • want non-Canadian equity exposure to companies in the energy sector on a CAD hedged basis
  • want the potential for high income generation
  • want to receive regular quarterly cash flows (if any)
  • can tolerate medium to high risk.


NXF 2.58%18.51%42.97%18.51%42.44%-14.61%-10.23%-5.96%-1.31%-4.64%
As at: 31 Mar 2021


Historical NAVs

Sector Breakdown

As at February 28, 2021

The indicated rates of return are the historical annual compounded total returns, including changes in unit value and do not take into account sales, redemption or optional charges or income taxes payable by a security holder that would have reduced returns.

Key Facts

Fund Characteristics

Gross Option Premium*10.92%
Current Dividend Yield14.43%
Price/Book Ratio1.13
As at 28 Feb, 2021
* Gross Option Premiums represent those received on 19 Feb, 2021
1 The Current Dividend Yield represents the gross yield on the ETF`s underlying portfolio of securities. It is not the yield or the distribution investors will receive by virtue of an investment in the ETF.

Fund Statistics

P/S Ratio (TTM) (Long)0.70
P/C Ratio (TTM) (Long)6.23
ROA % (TTM) (Long)-3.71
ROE % (TTM) (Long)-13.21
As at 28 Feb, 2021

Number of securities: 29

Asset Allocation

Security Type%
Foreign Stock100.00%


NameSecurity TypeISINTicker %
EOG RESOURCES INC Foreign StockUS26875P1012 EOG US 7.09
ENI SPA Foreign StockUS26874R1086 E US 7.02
CHEVRON CORP Foreign StockUS1667641005 CVX US 6.84
EQUINOR ASA Foreign StockUS29446M1027 EQNR US 6.82
PETROLEO BRASILEIRO SA Foreign StockUS71654V4086 PBR US 6.81
EXXON MOBIL CORP Foreign StockUS30231G1022 XOM US 6.79
BP PLC Foreign StockUS0556221044 BP US 6.68
ECOPETROL SA Foreign StockUS2791581091 EC US 6.61
CONOCOPHILLIPS Foreign StockUS20825C1045 COP US 6.60
TOTAL SE Foreign StockUS89151E1091 TOT US 6.58
PETROCHINA CO LTD Foreign StockUS71646E1001 PTR US 6.57
ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC Foreign StockUS7802592060 RDS/A US 6.44
RDSA US CALL 42.5 04/16/21 ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC (17/04/2021) Option 0.00
TOT US CALL 50 04/16/21 TOTAL SA ADR (17/04/2021) Option 0.00
PXD US CALL 165 04/16/21 PIONEER NAT RES CO (17/04/2021) Option 0.00
COP US CALL 55 04/16/21 CONOCOPHILLIPS (17/04/2021) Option 0.00
OXY US CALL 29 04/16/21 OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM (17/04/2021) Option 0.00
SNP US CALL 55 04/16/21 CHINA PETE & CHEM CORP (17/04/2021) Option 0.00
BP US CALL 26 04/16/21 BP PLC (17/04/2021) Option 0.00
PBR US CALL 9 04/16/21 PETROLEO BRASILEIRO SA (17/04/2021) Option 0.00
PTR US CALL 40 04/16/21 PETROCHINA CO LTD (17/04/2021) Option 0.00
EQNR US CALL 20 04/16/21 EQUINOR ASA (17/04/2021) Option 0.00
E US CALL 25 04/16/21 ENI SPA (17/04/2021) Option 0.00
XOM US CALL 57.5 04/16/21 EXXON MOBIL (17/04/2021) Option 0.00
CVX US CALL 105 04/16/21 CHEVRON CORP (17/04/2021) Option 0.00
EOG US CALL 72.5 04/16/21 EOG RESOURCES INC (17/04/2021) Option 0.00
Currency Security 0.00

As at: 8 April 2021
Holdings are subject to change



Distribution details (.csv)

Twelve month trailing distribution yield : 10.60% (as at 8 Apr 2021)

NXFTotalCashReinvestedEligible dividendsNon eligible dividendsOther incomeCapital GainsReturn of capitalForeign IncomeForeign tax paid
2021 +$0.12930$0.12930--------
2020 +$0.42780$0.42780-----$0.36105$0.07852$0.01177
2019 +$0.52020$0.52020----$0.16655$0.13652$0.25544$0.03832
2018 +$0.63120$0.63120----$0.12171$0.35036$0.18722$0.02808
2017 +$0.52220$0.52220----$0.31257$0.04249$0.18960$0.02246
2016 +$0.68780$0.68780----$0.11408$0.45117$0.13803$0.01548
2015 +$0.59390$0.59390-----$0.42240$0.19064$0.01914

(1) Future distribution dates may be amended at any time. (2) Reinvested distributions are not paid in cash but instead remain invested in the Fund. To recognize that these distributions have been allocated to investors for tax purposes the amounts of these distributions should be added to the adjusted cost base of the units held. (3) The characterization of distributions for tax purposes (such as dividends/other income/capital gains etc.) will not be known for certain until after the Fund's tax year end. Therefore investors will be informed of the characterization of the amounts distributed for tax purposes only for the entire year and not with each distribution. For tax purposes these amounts will be reported by brokers on official tax statements.


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3 Feb, 2021 - ETF Facts

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Canadian securities law provides that the manager of an investment funds (in this case, CI Investments Inc. ("CI")), acting on behalf of the investment fund, has the right and obligation to vote proxies relating to the investment fund's portfolio securities. As a practical matter, CI delegates this function to the applicable portfolio manager or sub-adviser, as part of the portfolio manager's or sub-adviser's general management of the investment fund assets, subject to oversight by CI. CI generally requires that applicable portfolio managers or sub-advisers vote all proxies in the best interest of CI's funds and their securityholders, as determined solely by the portfolio manager or sub-adviser, and subject to CI's proxy voting policy, the guidelines applicable to the individual portfolio manager or sub-adviser, and applicable legislation. Portfolio managers and sub-advisers are generally expected to vote on any matter for which the investment fund receives proxy materials for a meeting of securityholders of an issuer.

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30 Jun, 2020 - Proxy Voting Record

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