CI Tech Giants Covered Call ETF (Unhedged)

Fund Overview

The ETF's investment objective is to provide Unitholders, through an actively managed portfolio, with (i) quarterly cash distributions, (ii) the opportunity for capital appreciation by investing on an equal weight basis in a portfolio of equity securities of at least the 25 largest technology companies measured by market capitalization listed on a North American stock exchange, and (iii) lower overall volatility of returns on the portfolio than would be experienced by owning a portfolio of securities of such issuers directly, by employing a covered call option writing program. The issuers included in the portfolio, which are based on their market capitalization, may be adjusted based on the Portfolio Manager's view on the liquidity of the issuers' equity securities and their related call options.


TXF.B -4.17%2.23%12.36%15.27%21.49%27.43%17.87%19.48%19.99%
As at: 30 Sep 2021 - Benchmark: S&P 500 Info Tech Index (Total Return) (Unhedged)


Historical NAVs

Sector Breakdown

As at August 31, 2021

The indicated rates of return are the historical annual compounded total returns, including changes in unit value and do not take into account sales, redemption or optional charges or income taxes payable by a security holder that would have reduced returns.

S&P 500 Information Technology Index comprises those companies included in the S&P 500 that are classified as members of the GICS® information technology sector. The Index is used as a benchmark to help you understand the Fund`s performance relative to the general performance of information technology shares.

Key Facts

Fund Characteristics

Gross Option Premium*7.42%
Current Dividend Yield10.90%
Price/Earnings Ratio29.89
Price/Book Ratio9.37
As at 31 Aug, 2021
* Gross Option Premiums represent those received on 20 Aug, 2021
1 The Current Dividend Yield represents the gross yield on the ETF`s underlying portfolio of securities. It is not the yield or the distribution investors will receive by virtue of an investment in the ETF.

Fund Statistics

P/S Ratio (TTM) (Long)5.25
P/C Ratio (TTM) (Long)18.07
ROA % (TTM) (Long)16.13
ROE % (TTM) (Long)38.40
As at 31 Aug, 2021

Number of securities: 51

Asset Allocation

Security Type%
Foreign Stock100.00%


NameSecurity TypeISINTicker %
SALESFORCE.COM INC Foreign StockUS79466L3024 CRM US 4.38
ORACLE CORP Foreign StockUS68389X1054 ORCL US 4.30
ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES INC Foreign StockUS0079031078 AMD US 4.22
SNAP INC Foreign StockUS83304A1060 SNAP US 4.00
SNOWFLAKE INC Foreign StockUS8334451098 SNOW US 3.99
MICROSOFT CORP Foreign StockUS5949181045 MSFT US 3.96
SERVICENOW INC Foreign StockUS81762P1021 NOW US 3.94
ALPHABET INC-CL A Foreign StockUS02079K3059 GOOGL US 3.92
INTEL CORP Foreign StockUS4581401001 INTC US 3.92
BROADCOM INC Foreign StockUS11135F1012 AVGO US 3.89
NVIDIA CORP Foreign StockUS67066G1040 NVDA US 3.88
ANALOG DEVICES INC Foreign StockUS0326541051 ADI US 3.86
APPLE INC Foreign StockUS0378331005 AAPL US 3.85
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC Foreign StockUS8825081040 TXN US 3.85
INTUIT INC Foreign StockUS4612021034 INTU US 3.79
QUALCOMM INC Foreign StockUS7475251036 QCOM US 3.76
AMAZON.COM INC Foreign StockUS0231351067 AMZN US 3.73
APPLIED MATERIALS INC Foreign StockUS0382221051 AMAT US 3.70
LAM RESEARCH CORP Foreign StockUS5128071082 LRCX US 3.67
ADOBE INC Foreign StockUS00724F1012 ADBE US 3.65
FACEBOOK INC Foreign StockUS30303M1027 FB US 3.53
ALTABA INC ESCROW Foreign Stock 0.19
FB US CALL 370 10/15/21 FACEBOOK INC (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
AMZN US CALL 3490 10/15/21 AMAZON.COM (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
AAPL US CALL 150 10/15/21 APPLE INC (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
AMAT US CALL 145 10/15/21 APPLIED MATERIALS INC (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
QCOM US CALL 140 10/15/21 QUALCOMM INC (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
ADBE US CALL 660 10/15/21 ADOBE SYS INC DEL COM (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
ADI US CALL 175 10/15/21 ANALOG DEVICES INC (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
LRCX US CALL 610 10/15/21 LAM RESEARCH CORP (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
CSCO US CALL 57.5 10/15/21 CISCO SYSTEMS INC (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
TXN US CALL 200 10/15/21 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
AVGO US CALL 510 10/15/21 BROADCOM LT (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
INTU US CALL 570 10/15/21 INTUIT INC (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
INTC US CALL 55 10/15/21 INTEL CORP (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
SNAP US CALL 80 10/15/21 SNAP INC (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
NVDA US CALL 222.5 10/15/21 NVIDIA CORP (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
GOOGL US CALL 2840 10/15/21 ALPHABET INC(A) (GOOGL (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
MSFT US CALL 305 10/15/21 MICROSOFT CORP (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
NOW US CALL 660 10/15/21 SERVICENOW INC (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
ACN US CALL 340 10/15/21 ACCENTURE PLC (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
TEAM US CALL 410 10/15/21 ATLASSIAN CORP (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
SNOW US CALL 330 10/15/21 SNOWFLAKE INC (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
AMD US CALL 110 10/15/21 ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES IN (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
IBM US CALL 140 10/15/21 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MA (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
ORCL US CALL 90 10/15/21 ORACLE CORP (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
CRM US CALL 270 10/15/21 SALESFORCE.COM INC (16/10/2021) Option 0.00
US DOLLAR Currency Security 0.00

As at: 14 October 2021
Holdings are subject to change



Distribution details (.csv)

Twelve month trailing distribution yield : 9.03% (as at 14 Oct 2021)

TXF.BTotalCashReinvestedEligible dividendsNon eligible dividendsOther incomeCapital GainsReturn of capitalForeign IncomeForeign tax paid
2021 +$1.34590$1.34590--------
2020 +$2.14990$2.14990----$0.73366$1.39961$0.01663-
2019 +$1.21400$1.21400-----$0.88176$0.39087$0.05863
2018 +$1.31840$1.31840----$1.15135$0.03462$0.15580$0.02338
2017 +$0.57680$0.30680$0.27000---$0.57633$0.00047--

(1) Future distribution dates may be amended at any time. (2) Reinvested distributions are not paid in cash but instead remain invested in the Fund. To recognize that these distributions have been allocated to investors for tax purposes the amounts of these distributions should be added to the adjusted cost base of the units held. (3) The characterization of distributions for tax purposes (such as dividends/other income/capital gains etc.) will not be known for certain until after the Fund's tax year end. Therefore investors will be informed of the characterization of the amounts distributed for tax purposes only for the entire year and not with each distribution. For tax purposes these amounts will be reported by brokers on official tax statements.


25 Sep 2017 First Asset Opens the Market First Asset


22 Apr, 2021 - ETF Facts

National Instrument 81-106 Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure requires disclosure of the proxy voting record on an annual basis for the period ending on June 30 of each year. The proxy voting record must be posted on the website no later than August 31 of each year.

Canadian securities law provides that the manager of an investment funds (in this case, CI Investments Inc. ("CI")), acting on behalf of the investment fund, has the right and obligation to vote proxies relating to the investment fund's portfolio securities. As a practical matter, CI delegates this function to the applicable portfolio manager or sub-adviser, as part of the portfolio manager's or sub-adviser's general management of the investment fund assets, subject to oversight by CI. CI generally requires that applicable portfolio managers or sub-advisers vote all proxies in the best interest of CI's funds and their securityholders, as determined solely by the portfolio manager or sub-adviser, and subject to CI's proxy voting policy, the guidelines applicable to the individual portfolio manager or sub-adviser, and applicable legislation. Portfolio managers and sub-advisers are generally expected to vote on any matter for which the investment fund receives proxy materials for a meeting of securityholders of an issuer.

Proxy voting record for the most recent year:

30 Jun, 2020 - Proxy Voting Record

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