First Asset Enhanced Government Bond ETF (U.S. Dollars)

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Actively managed by Marret Asset Management Inc., the First Asset Enhanced Government Bond ETF (the “ETF”) investment objective is to provide long-term total returns through interest income and capital appreciation.

The ETF's portfolio will consist primarily of government debt, but may also hold other debt instruments across the credit spectrum including cash, investment-grade corporate debt, high-yield corporate debt, government debt futures, convertible debentures and credit derivatives. The Portfolio Manager has full flexibility with regards to duration positioning and will seek to provide optimal exposure through changing market conditions. At no time will more than 25% of the Portfolio be comprised of high-yield corporate debt securities.

It is intended that at all times at least 90% of the non-U.S. currency exposure attributable to the US$ Common Units will be hedged to the U.S. dollar.

The indicated rates of return are the historical annual compounded total returns, including changes in unit value and do not take into account sales, redemption or optional charges or income taxes payable by a security holder that would have reduced returns.



This fund does not have any distributions
The first quarterly distribution is expected to be announced in December 2018.


20 Jul, 2018 | ETF Facts

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