First Asset Tech Giants Covered Call ETF (Unhedged)

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Fund Overview

This ETF provides differentiated exposure to some of the largest, most innovative technology companies by minimizing volatility and generating attractive income through an actively managed covered call writing strategy. The largest 25 issuers, measured by market capitalization, listed on the NYSE or Nasdaq are chosen for inclusion in the ETF on an equally weighted basis and are rebalanced quarterly. Distributions are paid quarterly and no more than 25% of the portfolio's securities will have call options written upon them at any given time.

The foreign currency exposure attributable to the Units will not be hedged back to the Canadian dollar.

TXF.B -8.49%-5.81%0.65%5.75%2.87%14.97%
As at: 31 Oct 2018 - Benchmark: S&P 500 Info Tech Index (Total Return) (Unhedged)


Sector Breakdown*

As at 31 October 2018
*As a percent of invested assets

The indicated rates of return are the historical annual compounded total returns, including changes in unit value and do not take into account sales, redemption or optional charges or income taxes payable by a security holder that would have reduced returns.

Key Facts

Fund Characteristics

Gross Option Premium*8.67%
Current Dividend Yield11.39%
Price/Earnings Ratio18.77
Price/Book Ratio3.93
As at 31 Oct, 2018
* Gross Option Premiums represent those received on 19 Oct, 2018
1 The Current Dividend Yield represents the gross yield on the ETF`s underlying portfolio of securities. It is not the yield or the distribution investors will receive by virtue of an investment in the ETF.

Fund Statistics

P/S Ratio (TTM) (Long)3.44
P/C Ratio (TTM) (Long)12.55
ROA % (TTM) (Long)13.45
ROE % (TTM) (Long)27.02
As at 31 Oct, 2018


Distribution details (.csv)

Twelve month-trailing distribution yield: 7.48% (as at 16 Nov 2018)

TXF.BTotalCashReinvestedEligible dividendsNon eligible dividendsOther incomeCapital GainsReturn of capitalForeign IncomeForeign tax paid
2018 +$0.94620$0.94620--------
2017 +$0.57680$0.30680$0.27000---$0.57633$0.00047--

(1) Future distribution dates may be amended at any time. (2) Reinvested distributions are not paid in cash but instead remain invested in the Fund. To recognize that these distributions have been allocated to investors for tax purposes the amounts of these distributions should be added to the adjusted cost base of the units held. (3) The characterization of distributions for tax purposes (such as dividends/other income/capital gains etc.) will not be known for certain until after the Fund's tax year end. Therefore investors will be informed of the characterization of the amounts distributed for tax purposes only for the entire year and not with each distribution. For tax purposes these amounts will be reported by brokers on official tax statements.