Strategies That Make Sense:
CI Global Asset Management Covered Call Strategies

Making investment decisions on behalf of your clients in an extremely volatile market can be a challenging and nerve-racking process.

However, the very nature of these markets creates unique opportunities, one of them being covered call strategies. Market volatility has increased option premiums to levels rarely seen. This income generation opportunity provides protection that can lower your clients’ downside risk, reduce volatility, and provide attractive high yields in a very low interest rate environment.

CI Global Asset Management Covered Call strategies generally consist of an equally weighted portfolio of companies targeting a sector or segment of the market while writing monthly at-the-money call options on 25% of the portfolio.

As you can see below, the income currently being generated from the written call options and the portfolio’s dividends is substantial. Also, the vast majority of the portfolio is uncovered, allowing one to capitalize on the appreciation of the underlying securities in the portfolio.

Portfolio Income : Covered Call ETFs

ETF Ticker(s) Option Yield1 Dividend Yield2 Total Yield
CI Gold+ Giants Covered Call ETFCGXF 6.41% 3.05% 9.46%
CI Tech Giants Covered Call ETF TXF / TXF.B 5.70% 1.04% 6.74%
CI U.S. & Canada Lifeco Income ETFFLI 3.66% 3.48% 7.14%
CI Energy Giants Covered Call ETF NXF / NXF.B 7.08% 3.59% 10.67%
CI Canadian Banks Income Class ETFCIC 1.94% 3.71% 5.65%
CI Health Care Giants Covered Call ETF FHI / FHI.B 4.11% 2.09% 6.20%
Source: CI Investments Inc., as at September 30, 2021.
1Gross Option Premiums represent those received on September 17, 2021
2The Current Dividend Yield represents the gross yield on the ETF's underlying portfolio of securities. It is not the yield, or the distribution investors will receive by virtue of an investment in the ETF.

In an environment where yields are low and volatility levels are high, CI Global Asset Management Covered Call strategies provide a compelling solution to these challenges.

For more information, please contact your dedicated ETF specialist.